“Look into your own heart and realize that you are unique. You are a part of nature. Treat your talent for healing with gifts that nature itself has given us with respect.”
Sincerely yours, Makpal

Makpal is a certified health expert and health coach. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York, USA). She was trained by such world-renowned health experts as Dr. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mercola, David Wolfe, Professor of Medicine at George Washington University Dr. Neal Bernard, Professor of Harvard Medical School Dr. Walter Willet. Makpal is an internationally recognized expert in healthy nutrition, detox and rejuvenation.

She is a member of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

She is also a permanent participant in international Women’s Wellness Conferences in the United States.

After studying the research of leading European and American institutes in nutrition and hormonal health, she created the unique SOS rejuvenation program. Her programs revive internal health and beauty reserves through body purification and saturation of body cells with natural nutrients, and help achieve balance in the human hormonal system. With the help of affordable and practical tools of an individual nutrition and self-care program, Makpal defines a path to body self-healing, which results in significant improvement in well-being and weight reduction lasting for many years. In her practical work, Makpal uses the latest research of Harvard Medical School on drugless health improvement together with ancient Taoist rejuvenation knowledge, building a completely down-to-earth program of nutrition and self-care for each person. She successfully advises people all over the world, delivers lectures and workshops, and gives master classes. Makpal heads the editorial office of Health & Beauty, L’Officiel Kazakhstan. Her articles are published in many print media, including Forbes Women, L’Officiel Kazakhstan, “Сезон” (Sezon), “Кенгуру” (Kenguru), Yoga Journal, Yoga&Wellness and Nectar.


Makpal was born in Astana into a family of members of the scientific intellectual community: Her father is Kanapiya Akpanovich Nurbaturov, a Doctor of Engineering, Professor, an Academician of the RK National Academy of Engineering, a winner of the State Prize in Science and Technology, and the author of more than 200 papers, monographs, inventor’s certificates and patents. Her mother is Kulsara Seylbekovna Saparbekova, an Engineer and the author of a large number of scientific certificates and patents. At the age of 9, Makpal entered the Almaty Choreographic School. From her early childhood, she danced in productions of various complex classics. At age 14, she was good enough to dance in one of the most quintessential classics, as Odette from Swan Lake, Act 2; at the age of 16, she received the prize of the Abay State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater and an invitation to perform as a prima ballerina. At the age of 15, she went on her first guest performance tours to Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. Her first tour changed her outlook for the rest of her life. At the age of 16, she was the winner of the Ballet Competition between choreographic schools of the USSR in the city of Minsk, dancing the pas de deux from the La Sylphide ballet. At the age of 21, she went to Paris and worked for fashion houses such as Nina Ricci, Dior, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Kenzo.

At the age of 21, she ended a profitable contract with a modeling agency to get married. In 2001, she graduated from the Institute of National Economy with Distinction, majoring in International Economic Relations. In 2006, she opened a successful European restaurant and at the same time was involved in charitable work, teaching dance basics in a boarding school for children with hearing and speech impairments. Working with special needs children greatly contributed to Makpal’s development in recognizing the potential of the human body In 2012, Makpal accepted an invitation to head the RK Federation of Sports Dance. In a short time she brought ballroom/sports dance to a completely new international level, to first place in world and Asian championships. She invited the world’s best coaches and referees to Kazakhstan, organized free training camps for children and made an economic base for management and money control. To date, the Federation has held 8 RK Championships and 56 tournaments at its own expense. From her early childhood, her heavy ballet workload pushed Makpal to search for answers to questions related to health, maintaining energy and physical activity. In fact, her whole life has been devoted to questions like how to preserve health and find scientific knowledge that will help her and her clients.

Harvard Medical School