Editor of the Self Made TV program (of the kazakh.tv channel), journalist and author of a number of Kazakhstan tabloids, Almaty

I admire people who, regardless of children and age, are always in good shape, trim and young-looking. But what’s even more important, they’re open to sharing their advanced knowledge in this field with others. They really bring beauty and a healthy lifestyle to the general public! Makpal is one of these people. The first workshop that I was lucky enough to attend was “The Secret of Beauty and Health. My Path.” Everything(!), starting from the venue, the atmosphere it created, the presented material, additional links with useful information and ending with delicious but wholesome refreshments, was first-class! Some of the information was completely new even for me, a journalist, who has been telling the public about secrets of beauty and health from well-known specialists in these fields, like doctors, nutritionists and our pop stars. Overall, I was more than satisfied with the workshop. To this day, I’m still consulting and clarifying finer points with Makpal on all questions of maintaining my beauty and health of interest to me.

I think the workshop was very useful and recommend it to anyone who cares about their health!