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March 2015


A modern person spends most of his/her life energy on eliminating toxins that enter the body due to environmental pollution, wrong lifestyle, harmful food, household chemicals, medicines and cosmetics.

Research results indicate that the body of every modern person contains several hundred synthetic chemicals in various quantities. They penetrate the body through the use of household chemicals, cosmetic and hygiene products, plastic, through air and water, food, medicine and vaccinations, even through clothing and radiation from phones.



Many cosmetic and hygiene products contain hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. If you use regular makeup every day, your body absorbs about 2.5 kg of chemicals per year! Remember that the skin is the largest organ of the human body. It takes the epidermis and dermis only 28 seconds to absorb toxins! Toxins that enter the body through pores of the scalp, the face and the body in fact can cause more harm than toxins that come with food and drinks. That’s because when you eat food, special enzymes in the saliva and the stomach help neutralize toxins and remove them from the body. Chemical penetrating through the skin immediately enter the lymph and circulatory system, causing serious damage to vital, more vulnerable internal organs.

It’s impossible to list all the toxins in cosmetics, but the main ones, i.e., parabens, are added to extend the shelf life of the products, but eventually they damage a person’s endocrine system. Meanwhile, the composition of even famous brands of makeup contains lead, mercury and arsenic for various purposes (supposedly in small permissible doses that are non-hazardous to health)!



Many people have heard and know how dangerous the chemicals in plastic that get into food and water are, causing great harm to health. For example, bisphenol A, bisphenol S and phthalates simulate estrogen, which deceives our body and causes an imbalance in the hormonal system.

The most toxic plastic under the 03 sign contains the dangerous toxin Polyvinyl chloride, which causes infertility, diabetes and cancer! This kind of plastic, contrary to restrictive standards, can be used in the manufacture of sanitary pipes, furniture, shower curtains, tablecloths, blinds, clothes, bags and children’s toys! A lot of common goods in the world (disposable tableware, packaging, photo frames, DVD cases and many more) are often made of or contain plastic with the 06 and 07 markings that contain the very dangerous Polystyrene toxin, among the many side effects of which is impossibility of pregnancy!



Today everyone knows that mercury is a very toxic metal! But the problem is that not everyone knows about amalgam tooth fillings in the mouth, which besides amalgams of silver, tin, copper, zinc and other metals, contain up to 50% mercury! In fact, according to statistics in the US, amalgam fillings are still used to fill teeth of 100 million people a year! The unfortunate recipients of these fillings, like ordinary people, brush their teeth, drink and eat hot drinks and food, getting about 15 µg of mercury vapor per day. Now imagine that a person has several such fillings! In any case, if you have suspicions about the type and quality of your fillings, you should act immediately, especially when it comes to pregnant women and children! Find out if you are at risk, and if yes, get rid of them.



To my great regret, fish and seafood are no longer wholesome food products. Seas and oceans are polluted. Fish grown in specialized farms are often raised with synthetic feed and stuffed with medicines. Due to the pollution of natural water resources with heavy metals, especially chemicals and oil decay products, most seafood contains mercury.

My advice is to buy small fish that did not have time to absorb a large amount of heavy metals. The best choice is salmon and cod, ideally organic fish, grown in specialized fish eco farms.



The most toxic part of our body is fat! The fat layer is where toxins not removed from the body accumulate year after year. As a rule, most people lack necessary enzymes for their removal because of an improper lifestyle, a disturbed sleep and wakefulness pattern, intestinal imbalance and many other factors.

Over time, fat cells of the body filled to the bursting point with toxins, stop absorbing them, and excess chemicals and heavy metals enter the brain through the circulatory system! The human brain is 90% fat. Remember that heavy metals are fat-soluble toxins. Fat attracts toxins like a magnet. Based on this, competent detox specialists consider complete starvation for fat people to be extremely dangerous, since in this case the body begins to consume fat stores, poisoning itself with toxins.

To sum up, I want to say that healthy people are healthy not because they eat a secret superfood and drink green juices every day. They are healthy because they do not poison their body with excess toxins.