Advisor to Baiterek Holding, a public figure

Diet and our nutrition are actually very delicate and complex things. It was a kind of science to me, all jokes aside! It seems that everything is simple, but at the same time it’s hard! I’m not going to tell you how and what to eat or drink to get rid of body aches, or how to get rid of joint pain, or how to enhance virility or brain activity. Of course, all these depend on a lot of factors, but I’ve realized that among these factors, nutrition and diet play an important role, and regulated by diet!

I remember hearing the saying somewhere: “Let your food be your medicine.” This is absolutely true!

Friends, if you’re really interested in the world of proper diet and health, I would recommend contacting Makpal Ilyas, a specialist in this field. It’s much better than taking a lot of medicines and running around to clinics

Makpal once helped me a lot! At first I resisted, tried to be clever, didn’t take her words and the proposed diet seriously. But since I wanted to live, I gradually began to do everything she recommended. The world of food and physical well-being opened in a completely new way to me! After that, I didn’t visit doctors for several years.

Makpal, my sincere best wishes to you for good health, women’s happiness, immense love and endless creative potential!!!

Thank you for being with us!!!