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August/September 2013

As Green as Grass


It was a great honor for us to receive an invitation to this conference organized by David Wolfe, a well-known expert in eco-health and the promoter of a healthy lifestyle. During 3 days of the conference, stars of modern nutrition science, bestselling authors, famous scientists and world experts in the field of women’s health and hormonal balance gather in one place. The uniqueness of information received, the huge amount of research that speakers talked about, and the amazing people there made a huge impression on us. We were amazed at the scope and level of the event — this conference was more like an Oscars ceremony. So many beautiful, successful and intelligent people, professionals to the core, and scientists that charmed you not only with their knowledge, but also their charisma. The day was full to bursting, lectures began at 8.30 a.m. and ended late in the evening. But there was no fatigue, despite the long flight and the many-hour time difference. We got strength and a charge of cheerfulness at daily morning yoga class with Taylor Wells, the co-founder of the Prana Power Yoga network and the author of the book “Create the Best Life Ever”. Celebrities were always close by – it was easy to talk to them at breakfast, when accidentally meeting in the elevator, or while drinking a cup of tea. The venue added greatly to this: the Hilton Hotel, where invited guests and conference speakers were staying, was very cozy and friendly. There were discoveries every day and every hour – so much information and so many professionals. Like Dr. Sarah Gottfried, a Harvard scientist, who has been involved in health issues for more than 20 years, including those related to women’s hormonal health. She also confirmed the amazing fact that a woman’s hormonal health is not in a bottle of synthetic hormones, but at the end of a fork, meaning the food we put into our mouths! Our hormonal health is almost entirely dependent on what we eat – 95% of all hormonal problems are solved by regulating diet, individually selected physical activities and vitamins, as well as regular body detoxes Nadine Artemis, the famous aromatherapist, the founder of the unique cosmetics line for skin and tooth care, also spoke about women’s hormonal health. The fact that breast cancer is diagnosed every 23 seconds in the world left no one indifferent. And the solution is so simple – to exclude the intake of substances that disrupt the hormonal balance (for example, plastic water or oil bottles, all chemical body creams with unpronounceable ingredients, and to remove from the body what has accumulated during many years of life. And again … all roads lead to detox. The report by Dr. Daniel Amen, the founder and director of well-known chain of clinics and the author of five New York Times bestsellers, who studies the female brain and has the world’s largest database of female brain scans, was very informative for us. He showed us how toxins affect our brain and, consequently, our entire life, our mood, our desires and, in the end, our happiness. The fact that toxins change not only a person, but society as a whole (making it more aggressive and criminal) confirmed one simple truth again. Getting rid of toxins in the diet, including sugar, getting rid of excess weight (because most of toxins are in fat), and individually selected supplements are the first steps toward improving not only the health of the brain and of the person, but all of society. This is what Oksana and Makpal have been doing for many years.

It really is time to forget the long-outdated myth that the onset of a disease and rapid aging are the result of bad genes or bad luck. More and more research by scientists around the world confirm the fact that the vast majority of diseases, and therefore early aging, are the result of a person’s lifestyle – whether you ate candy or an apple, applied a chemical body cream or natural oil, lay on the couch all day or went to the mountains, helped the body find its path of nutrition and getting rid of toxins – all affect the quality of your health, and thus the quality of your life. All of these were cornerstones of discussions of the conference results.

Your habits are much more important than your genes. Get rid of long-outdated eating and self-care habits. In today’s rapidly changing world, we need to adjust to its speed – superfood replaces ordinary food, a hormone imbalance is no longer treated with synthetic tablets, and hours of exercise in the gym are no longer considered healthy sports. Results of the conference confirmed these facts once again. It’s easy to get sick and old. It’s also easy to become healthy and young. And you can take the first step now.

  1. Adding Green Juice to your diet, because it’s a modern elixir of youth and beauty, a mineral treasure trove and a source of chlorophyll that perfectly cleanses and renews the blood, and eliminates toxins as well. After all, mineralization of the body is the foundation of health and beauty, and hence of a slender body. Even during the first week you will notice amazing changes in wellness, skin condition, energy and mood due to enrichment of your body with minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. After 3 months of regular juice feasts (a complete renewal of red blood cells occurs during this period), you will get renewed and full-of-life blood. The juice is based on cucumbers (potassium) and celery stalks (sodium). You can add a lemon or lime (peeled, but with seeds) or a sour green apple to improve the acid-base balance in your body.
  2. Using a Body Brush — a unique procedure that will save you hundreds of dollars on expensive creams, improve immunity, rejuvenate the skin, make it soft and velvety, and cleanse dead cells better than any soap and scrub. And what is most important, it will open ways for easy and quick removal of toxins because your skin is the largest cleansing site of the body! For just 3-4 minutes a day, move a dry natural bristle brush over the dry surface of the body, in circular motions starting from the feet towards the heart. And remember that this massage is amazing for improving blood circulation, which leads to softer fat distribution and, thus, a reduction in cellulite. This is a pleasant bonus!
  3. Bring the Body into Balance with Yoga

Small steps give great results. Follow these small, but vital tips, and in 21 days you will notice dramatic improvements in wellness and mood. More details about our program of rejuvenation and recovery in our books and on our Facebook page. Try them for yourself!