Mother of three children, Smart Elephant Kids Studio, Almaty

I attended Makpal Karibzhanova’s workshop dedicated to women’s beauty and health. About a month before the event, when I saw the ad, I was so glad that here at last was information on nutrition and health for us, girls and women! I was so excited for a chance to get first-hand information on how to become younger, prettier and healthier from Makpal Karibzhanova! Hurrah!

I have to say that for several years I’ve been actively interested in everything and I’ve been studying everything related to proper nutrition: I experiment and try it out for myself. I was inspired by books on live nutrition by Vadim Zeland, Maya Gogulan and Victoria Butenko. I was eager to be a raw foodie, but as you know, this is very difficult, and it takes a long time to change your eating habits. So I kept looking…

After meeting Makpal Karibzhanova as a health coach on Facebook, I admired her beauty, youth, grace and femininity… I really wanted to know what I had to do and how to look like her, well, almost like her!🙂

That’s why the news about the workshop made me so happy that, despite the late hour, I contacted the coordinator Olga and registered for the workshop! I filled out the questionnaire and waited for that cherished day!🙂

The weather on the day of the workshop was magnificent! Beautiful Makpal was already waiting for us in the conference hall of Visor Holding in Essentai Towers. The splendor and style of the building, the office and the hall perfectly matched slim, stylish and elegant Makpal!

The invaluable information I received at the workshop in many ways shocked me, made me happy, surprised me and was fixed in my prepared mind in a very structured and clear way. It filled a lot of gaps and connected scraps of different facts about nutrition. I also managed to clarify a lot of questions that I had about nutrition for gaining youth, health and beauty!

I was very relieved when Makpal explained that strict raw foodism should not be followed. But her demand for a gluten-free diet made me very happy. I was probably waiting for a signal to start meeting this requirement in my life, because a lot is said and written about it, but it all sounds unconvincing somehow. Makpal was able to show us that gluten must be excluded!

I learned a lot of new and surprising things about female hormones, about causes of female diseases. I’m glad I received this information in time while — there’s a chance to fix everything and take conscious control! I learned about hidden enemies of our body. I’ll be happy to start an anti-candida diet, because it’s very simple and easy to do!

I was also very happy to receive new knowledge about the balance of Omega-3, 6 and 9 fats in our body, their benefits and importance, especially for children’s growing bodies I learned about probiotics, spirulina, chlorella, vitamin D and MACA, and the importance of bio and organic origin of all products and supplements.

I’m happy to discover useful Internet resources, where I’ll buy vital vitamins, minerals, and supplements for our whole family. After all, there’s so much information around, and I have to understand what kind of information I need. At this point, everyone needs recommendation and advice of a specialist who has already traveled this path!

I also learned a general approach to organizing the family table to help introduce new good eating habits! Special thanks for the recipe for tasty and wholesome raw chocolate!

There was a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere at the workshop. It’s so important and great when you’re surrounded by like-minded people who take a conscious approach to their way of life and their loved ones!

I’m happy to have this priceless knowledge and I can’t wait to start applying all the recommendations to become equally beautiful and feminine and, of course, to be an example for my children and family!

Thanks to a subsequent personal consultation, I have a clear planned program for the next two months to start and reinforce a gluten-free lifestyle. And then — detox, detox, detox! Hello, youth, beauty and health! Thank you, Makpal!