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October 2013

D is the King of Vitamins

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Thanks to the body and intuition, a human being is very close to nature. We come into this world with knowledge about beauty and health programmed into us from birth. But pseudo-culture and advertising disinformation leave us fewer and fewer chances to preserve our primordial instincts.


Dear readers, starting with the October issue of Season, I intend to share my unique knowledge and completely new information received at the New York Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I am now studying. In fact, these publications are pages of my new, still unpublished book on numerous aspects of rational nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.




Have you ever wondered why we are unconsciously attracted to sunlight, but are afraid of ultraviolet rays and hide our children under a layer of sunscreen? What happens to the body as a result of avoiding the sun and how can we properly use the healing power of sunlight – the source of converting the sun’s energy to vitamin D3? After reading to the end, you will understand why vitamin D was chosen as the topic for the first two publications (a continuation of the material can be read in the November issue of Season).

We all know that vitamin D is a wonderful remedy for preventing rickets. At the same time, it is one of the world’s most important vitamins that participates in all of the body’s metabolic processes. Vitamin D receptors are found in almost every cell of the human body, from the brain to bones of the skeleton. A good level of vitamin D contributes to strong immunity, hormonal balance and harmonious work of all systems and organs without exception! Judge for yourself: the formation of longevity cells, reproductive health, eye health and the prevention of a huge number of diseases, such as cancer, autism, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, obesity, asthma, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, eczema, psoriasis, muscle pain and weakness, insomnia and inflammatory bowel disease depend on the level of this vitamin.


Insurance against Cancer

The optimal level of vitamin D prevents the spread and reproduction of cancer cells, which reduces the risk of cancer by 50-60%. Vitamin D3 increases the probability of self-destruction of mutated cells, which can lead to the development of cancer. It reduces the proliferation and reproduction of cancer cells. It promotes differentiation of cells and reduces the growth of new blood vessels, which can facilitate the transition of “sleeping” tumors to cancerous tumors. Maintaining the optimal level of vitamin D3 is insurance against cancer. No other vitamin in the history of medicine has produced such results! That’s vitamin D, our friend and helper.

(About 85% of people have low levels of vitamin D. Its deficiency takes the lives of millions of people. The widely known study by Dr. William Grant shows that about 30% of annual cancer deaths (about 2 million people) could be prevented simply by increasing the level of vitamin D.)


Depletion of Reserves

In fact, vitamin D is the king of all vitamins. Traditional medicine does not give it due attention, believing that a person’s daily diet compensates for all the body’s needs. But everything is much more complicated. Vitamin D is produced by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. A young and healthy person needs 10-20 minutes of exposure to the sun to achieve an optimal level of vitamin D in the body. After age 30, the ability to generate vitamin D is significantly reduced. Even if you live in the south and get enough sunlight, excess weight, exposure to stress, chronic diseases and the use of sunscreens result in the depletion of vitamin D reserves in the body. During outbreaks of influenza and acute respiratory viral infection, we rapidly exhaust our reserves of this vitamin accumulated in summer. Chronic deficiency cannot be eliminated in a week of vacation by the sea. It is also impossible to raise a low level of vitamin D to the optimum only with the help of food (milk, eggs, fish oil). Just imagine: A 15-minute sun bath can produce up to 10,000 UI of vitamin D, which is a good dose for the body. That’s why we feel better and happier in the sun! It’s very important for pregnant women during this wonderful time to get the necessary amount of vitamin D by spending some time in the sun or making up for it with quality supplements. We often hear stories about the unsuccessful outcome of post-term pregnancy, and doctors cannot always explain what adversely affected this sad result. Vitamin D is the key to this mystery. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Health Sciences were surprised to discover that low levels of vitamin D are the main cause of eclampsia – a disease characterized by a sharp increase in blood pressure and swelling of the limbs, leading to premature birth and death of the newborn or mother (70% of deaths in developing countries and 15% in developed countries). This fact was unknown until 2007.


Children and D

Information and knowledge are the greatest wealth of the 21st century! I’m convinced that the health of our children is in our magical female hands! A woman’s ability to find knowledge, to preserve and transmit it will eventually make this world happier and kinder. An optimal level of vitamin D in children’s bodies will help us a lot in forming a healthy generation in the future. Recent studies show that children born with a vitamin D deficiency and retaining this deficiency in the first months of life are more likely to get many chronic diseases in the future, including type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and various forms of cancer. We can change the terrible statistics on the increase in children’s diabetes and all autoimmune diseases. During studies in Finland in 1960, a group of children received 2,000 UI of vitamin D daily during their first year of life. These children were under the supervision of researchers for 31 years. The result was as follows: the risk of children with type 1 diabetes was reduced by 78%, while in the other group of children observed during that period, but having a serious vitamin D deficiency, the risk was increased by 300%. These are shocking facts.


How do you find out your level?

A blood test (from a vein) can be done in any laboratory. It’s called Vitamin D 25-hydroxy or 25 (OH) D. It can be done with special kits at home (and then sending it to a laboratory). They are relatively cheap (http://www.amazon.com/ZRT-Vitamin-D-Test/ dp/B0083MPM1Y). I want to warn you: many laboratories have still not switched from long-obsolete standards (for example, 20-56 ng/ml (50-149nmol/l)) to optimal standards necessary for health and protection against cancer. Compare your result with the following figures:


DeficiencyOptimal levelCancer preventionExcess
< 50 ng/ml50-65 ng/ml65-90 ng/ml>100 ng/ml

A result below 35 ng/ml shows that calcium, magnesium and other minerals are not digested, and the likelihood of a heart attack increases by almost 50%, for example. A result below 20 ng/ml indicates a serious deficiency, which increases the risk of almost 16 types of cancer and other diseases, including autoimmune diseases. It is recommended to conduct this analysis at least twice. The first time to learn the initial result, the second – to understand how quickly it rises and to what level.



Do not start taking vitamin D3 supplements without the analysis, because the results will indicate your optimal dose. An overdose of vitamin D3 can be toxic to the body! If the dose is too low, you will not be able to raise the level to what your body needs. It’s important to calculate the dosage Don’t rush to recommend vitamin D to friends and acquaintances, or to stuff children and relatives with it. Even if you know results of their analysis, their bodies are most likely not ready to assimilate the vitamin. Without a sufficient amount of vitamin K2, magnesium and calcium, you can get a reverse reaction – calcification of blood vessels and weakening of bones. In case of diseases such as sarcoidosis, tuberculosis or lymphoma, it is recommended to conduct another analysis of 1.25 (OH) D. Only then, under the supervision of a doctor, the duration of exposure to sun shall be increased, or vitamin D shall be taken as a supplement. In case of diseases of the kidneys or liver, vitamin D3 should be prescribed only by a doctor or a nutritionist. The natural version of vitamin D produced by the body is called cholecalciferol in supplements.


One of the secrets of a healthy mood, a sense of wellness and good health is friendship with your vitamin D. The sun is the best medicine from nature. And like any medicine, you need to take it properly. We will talk about this in the next issue.