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We sat and had a nice dinner, Makpal spoke softly and subtly, with the kind of notes in her voice that rivet your ears to the speaker. It was a consultation that didn’t seem like a usual consultation. Why did I come to the consultation? I’m 40, I’ve been irresponsible to my body and nutrition for many years, but I want to have children and, thank God, I understand that a body at 40 is not the same as a body at 20. And YES! dammit, I want to lose weight!

I’m sitting and listening; I hear a lot of new terms that I don’t know. I listen and understand that it’s not a matter of losing weight, although the whole world is so crazy about losing weight now.

I understand that our body is our faithful servant and friend, and if you don’t attach any importance to it, it starts getting covered with moss and mold, where seedlings of diseases are ready to root.

I also understand that I want to completely trust this fragile nymph named Makpal, I BELIEVE that the things she is telling me now are her mission in my life, and maybe in yours as well.

Generally speaking, it’s not so important that Makpal has actually received education in health and proper nutrition taught by the world’s best nutrition experts who advise Michelle Obama. What’s IMPORTANT to me is that Makpal has been chosen for this purpose by Heaven. Heaven itself has chosen her for this path. I’ve also understood that the body needs to be helped by proper biologically active supplements that unfortunately are not sold in our country, but I believe and hope that Makpal will be the one to arrange imports of them here. I realized that it’s not just the composition and the manufacturing country that matter, but also the certifying company that releases bio and organic products.

I tried a detox program, and of course, my body, my faithful friend and servant, woke up, was happy and responded enthusiastically What about losing weight? It’s just a bonus, it’s a trailer that follows automatically, when you begin to treat your body with respect.

I can’t say that I became German pedantic about the new treatment of my health, but now my self is demanding something else. To consume and be treated with what comes your way from ignorance is one thing. But when you already have knowledge, it’s quite a different demand, another level of responsibility.