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2014/2015 winter


Health is the most important thing in our material world, for we are all here in the flesh. The path to everyone’s health lies through the stomach. Nutrition science guru David Wolfe talked to Makpal Karibzhanova about natural health products, the elixir of youth, the medicine of the future, yoga and the astronaut diet.


Each annual Women’s Wellness Conference in Los Angeles brings together more than one hundred luminaries of nutrition science from different countries with presentations. This year, for the first time, the conference participants welcomed Makpal Karibzhanova, a detox coach from Kazakhstan. Makpal returned with new knowledge, a suitcase full of books and an exclusive interview with the conference organizer, David Wolfe, a leading specialist in organic and natural nutrition, herbal medicine and chocolate, the author of a number of bestsellers, the founder of the Sunfood brand and the green planet foundation, a yogi, a vegetarian and, by the way, a very popular Hollywood consultant.


David, I know that you’ve helped many Hollywood stars shine with health and beauty on the red carpet. Can you share these secrets with Kazakh women?

Beauty is first and foremost health! Health is directly dependent on proper nutrition. That’s why I strongly advise you to pay attention to the presence of vegetable oils in your daily diet. I consider the main ones to be coconut, olive and cocoa (or chocolate) oils, which people have been using for thousands of years both as food and in beauty recipes. Cucumbers are another wonderful product.

It’s very important to use them in salads and smoothies along with the peel because they contain minerals that give a healthy appearance to the skin, hair and nails.

Olives are another very useful product. They contain pure proteins and fatty oils, so by adding more olives to your food, you can minimize or even completely give up the consumption of red meat and poultry.

Avocados are another indispensable beauty product I like the joke: an avocado a day keeps the plastic surgeon away.

Here is a recipe for the ideal beauty dish: a salad of fresh vegetables with cucumbers, olives and avocado flavored with olive oil. Make this dish your favorite, and your body will be provided with the necessary amount of minerals and color pigments. You will be feel satisfied, but slender, and your skin will shine.

I almost forgot. I also recommend adding more berries to your diet. In summer and autumn, when the berry season is in full swing, make it a rule to eat berries 2-3 times a day. You can prepare various organic cocktails with the addition of berries. For example, mix spirulina superfood with berries and plant seeds, add some olive oil… This mix can make light, but at the same time nutritious and wholesome supper.


You’re passionate about chocolate. You even wrote a book about chocolate and started your own production … Why?

Chocolate is my passion! I love chocolate so much that I started growing cocoa trees myself! I studied the properties of cocoa carefully and came to stunning conclusions. Of all products that contribute to longevity, chocolate has proven to be a real youth elixir! Of course, we aren’t talking about chocolate that contains sugar, or, even worse, artificial chocolate with flavorings, dyes and preservatives. This so-called chocolate is actually harmful and discredits the true product, which I consider to be the most amazing discovery of nutrition science and cooking.

The fact is that cocoa beans are not only fragrant and tasty, but also most nutritious compared to other beans and nuts. For example, cocoa is 10-16 times more nutritious than almonds. One seed of a cocoa tree is already food that is a rich source of magnesium, iron, chromium, zinc, copper and phosphorus.

Chocolate is the food of beauty, charisma and creativity… There is good reason why actors, directors, writers and politicians are generally passionate chocolate lovers. One famous chocolate lover is the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the author of the famous Faust. We know that every time before he took up pen and paper, he ate a piece of chocolate.

In addition, eating chocolate will make you very dynamic, active and attractive. Especially women, because your skin will smell like chocolate, and will have a healthy look and color, like after a vacation.


But many women restrict calories, in fighting for a slender figure. Do we need to count calories at all?

It’s more important to pay attention to the chemical composition than calories. If you see ingredients on the label that you don’t know, it’s better not to consume this product.


(In the photo: Makpal, David Wolfe, Len Foley


You’re an expert on longevity. How do you see healthy medicine of the future??

At the moment, I’m working on a very interesting area in medicine. 100,000 different components have been found in food, and only about 6,000 of them have color pigments. These pigments, as it turned out, have a huge value for our body. Fruit pigments, flavonoids, are particularly important. But the problem is that fruit pigments are poorly absorbed by cells. This is one of the intuitive reasons why fruits, grapes for example, have been fermented since ancient times.

In the same way, we separate color pigments contained in fruits, especially flavonoids, concentrate them and make them more bioavailable by fermentation and fat dissolution. As a result, they become a thousand times more wholesome for our metabolism than common fruits. For me, this is one of the most progressive developments of medicine of the future!


After your lecture, you treated the audience to a strange cocktail with a bluish color…

It was a cocktail with flavonoids concentrated from blue and dark blue fruits, berries, spirulina and chocolate. Raw cocoa beans are actually purple.


I know that you’ve been practicing yoga for a long time. What kind??

I was lucky to learn yoga from the best teachers from all over the world with an enormous teaching experience. Even from guru Iyengar himself! Unfortunately, today yoga is becoming more and more secular, and in most yoga centers in New York, Los Angeles, London, in my opinion, they don’t pay enough attention to its key aspects, both spiritual and physical. For example, the focus on breathing (Pranayama) and the effects of carbon dioxide as a medicine. Another key aspect is inverted asanas, that is, positions where the hips are above the heart. Thousands of years ago, ancient yogis discovered a powerful therapeutic effect from inverted positions. And how! Only inverted asanas can reduce the effect of gravity on the spine and thus remove physical blocks and energy stagnation.


I’m thrilled that you’re going to visit Kazakhstan to give lectures. What attracted you to our country? What do you know about it?

Kazakhstan is the heart of Asia. It’s also a country I was interested in, even as a child, because of the spaceport that was built there. When I was a child, I was very interested in space topics, like rocket engineering, satellites and space stations. We even had books about Kazakhstan at home, which I studied. So Kazakhstan has been in my thoughts and heart for many years.


If you were a space tourist, what superfoods would you take with you?

(Laughs…) Great question! I think my space diet must include sea buckthorn, since it contains a unique combination of different antioxidants. And mushrooms, preferably chaga and reishi mushrooms, which have a lot of melanin in them. In space, my body will also need an increased amount of chlorophyll and Omega-3 fatty acids, so my emergency superfood will be spirulina. And raw chocolate for energy, of course

But I highly recommend consuming the same products for beauty and health more often for those who remain on Earth!