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No.1 (9) 2015

Health coach Makpal, a recognized expert on detox, weight loss and rejuvenation, believes that staying slender, healthy and flying through life at any age is very simple.


Even in early childhood, Makpal, a professional ballerina and a model in the past, gained an “understanding of her body, and the effect of nutrition on endurance and energy levels.” The habit of listening to her own body led to Makpal’s desire to get an education in the field of healthy nutrition. “I gained the most important knowledge at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York,” Makpal says. “My eight-year experience in the restaurant business closed the chain of understanding and the influence of food on health.” As a result, Makpal has developed a method for a holistic approach to improving the body’s health.

Based on studies of the Harvard Medical School and scientific discoveries in the field of biology, Makpal teaches you “to hear your own body” and be grateful for the fact that the body alerts you to failures, for example, through excess weight. According to her coaching philosophy, diseases help us determine which “bricks” for self-improvement of the body are missing. We can get these “bricks” from food.

Why does nutrition hold the central place? As Makpal explains, studies have shown that the main factor in normalization of weight and rejuvenation is food. During consultations that Makpal gives around the world, people learn that if they consume large amounts of sugar or refined carbohydrates, excess sugar molecules in the blood attach to proteins and change their structure, making them hard and sticky. As the author of numerous articles on health issues says, these abnormal aging proteins are called AGE proteins. She gives an example: wrinkles appear when excess sugar is attached to the skin collagen and weakens its structure. To reduce the number of abnormal proteins, Makpal recommends including a large amount of raw fruits, vegetables, lettuce, sauerkraut, seeds and raw nuts in the diet. “Your intestinal tract is sometimes called the second brain.” Once you start adding healthy foods to your diet, the intestines will get used to healthy food and will be smart enough not to accept unhealthy food that you used to enjoy. It will be as if your inner voice says: “Eat badly, and you will feel bad, eat well, and you will feel good,” the health coach says.

Another age-related problem, about which the developer of rejuvenation programs warns, is slow-down of metabolism This is also easy to solve if you follow Makpal’s “rule of two” “Eat half of your single serving, eat twice as often, chew twice as long.” Makpal proves that proper nutrition also helps regulate the hormonal sphere: “If you take the hormonal system as a symphony orchestra inside the body, insulin will be the conductor who directs all the other hormone instruments. If you overeat, your insulin level either rises sharply or decreases and the orchestra plays on with interruptions. If you eat often and little, the insulin level in the blood is stable, and every hormone plays its part brilliantly. As a result, we get beautiful music, namely, good health and wellness.”

Makpal is convinced that we should pay attention to some biologically active supplements. “The very first supplement you should pay attention to is Omega-3 fats, that is, fats of youth that help smooth the inner surface of the arteries,” Makpal says. “The second is good probiotics for restoring intestinal flora.” In her lectures and workshops, Makpal draws attention to the following: after the body is fed with food of youth, it needs to drink. “Our body is 85% water, just like our planet,” she reminds everyone “Drink about two liters of water a day (herbal teas and freshly squeezed cucumber-based juices can be counted as water).” Makpal also urges you to remember the importance of sports, because when you move, a natural substance (nitric oxide) is released into the blood to expand the arteries. “Thus, movement helps your body produce and transport its own medicines through the body. If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, it’s inside your blood vessels. This discovery won the Nobel Prize,” Makpal says.

Sleep occupies a special place in her system. “Our biological clock has been tuned for thousands of generations to bring human physiology into line with nature. Computers, TVs, and electric lights disrupt natural cycles by signaling about wakefulness. When you are deprived of sleep, the body reduces the production of leptin, a hormone that sends signals to the brain about body satiety. At the same time, the level of ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger, increases. This is what leads to overeating in many people,” Makpal explains.

According to her observations, healthy people have something in common: they have made health their hobby. “The best way to reduce the cost of treatment is to master self-help skills,” the author of the method advises. “Keep your arteries clean, move, eat healthy food more often and in small portions, reduce your waistline, remove toxins, cleanse your body with proper detoxes, eat more fruit and vegetables, drink water, chew food thoroughly, and sleep about eight hours a day.”


Ayazhan Zhaksybay