German Champion 2014 in Latin Dance



At the first meeting, it immediately became clear that Makpal was a special person. A person who aspires to reach out to the truth and learn the truth. She remains true to herself and doesn’t choose easy ways. She is very single-minded and always achieves her goals. I will never forget when there was a heavy downpour in warm Rome, and she stood like a child and enjoyed that moment, appreciated the gift from above, saturating herself with living energy. At that moment, I realized how much she appreciates this life and strives to get as close as possible to her essence, despite obstacles created in our time. With her vast life experience (at times not very simple), and the birth of beautiful children, she manages to look natural and beautiful.

Speaking with such a person gives you a positive charge and inspiration. Her knowledge and experience helped me feel much better. I seemed to have a breath of fresh air, and felt the difference between myself in the past and myself at present. Our work schedule is very tight, we travel around the world, train 6 days a week. As people in our circles say, it’s a life on suitcases, this life has its benefits, but unfortunately, it’s very exhausting. To stay active in our professional career as long as possible, we should think about our lifestyle and our attitude to our body as early as possible and to take it seriously.

Based on her invaluable experience and knowledge, and precise person that she is, Makpal explained quite quickly and in detail how to find oneself in this difficult and vain world, where economic benefit comes first and the health of each of us has long ago moved to the background. She is like a beacon or a guardian angel who helps you find your bearings and get back on your feet in our difficult times.