A supermodel of the first wave from Red Stars Agency

For many years now I’ve had problems with overweight. I was one of the first models who left the USSR for America, where I received professional training at the School of Models. Needless to say, a Model knows best how to use her Body because this is the main tool of her profession.

For all my conscious life I knew very well how to easily lose weight if I allowed myself to indulge on vacation. But there is no limit to perfection, as you know, and I experimented on my body as best I could, and one day I started a complete fast, which lasted twenty-one days. Of course, I did it under the guidance of specialists, with regular special loads. Blood sugar measurements and other tests were taken daily during that experiment. The result then exceeded all my expectations, but I’m speaking about that now. My joy didn’t last long, because pretty soon my body began to gain weight, and the worst thing was that the process was beyond my control. I couldn’t use my knowledge of healthy nutrition anymore, although at that time I was already a vegetarian.

I could exhaust myself in a gym, or stop eating, but my weight didn’t budge, on the contrary, it continued to increase. I checked my hormones; they were fine. My metabolism was disturbed.

And then suddenly, I met Makpal, beautiful and graceful as a deer. I know and regularly meet with a lot of women, especially in my profession who devote a lot time to their appearance. There are some women for whom healthy living is a lifestyle. But Makpal isn’t just good-looking, her skin radiates health, and the texture and tone are stunning.

I really wanted to learn her secret, and it turned out that Makpal is a dietitian, and this is her professional activity.

In a very short time after our acquaintance, I was already in a personal meeting with Makpal. At first glance, there was nothing new, but to my surprise, those elementary tips began to bring instant results. In the beginning, I dropped 4 kg, and then another 5 kg, for a total of 9 kg, and it took me only four months. Someone might say sarcastically “is that all”? My answer is that at a certain age, quick weight loss is dangerous because your skin instantly sags and you look like a sick woman.

I like the saying “slow and steady wins the race”. Makpal also gives knowledge that helps rejuvenate your skin and bring out sub-skin light like hers.

I often think about what Makpal gave me that has been such a powerful incentive for fulfilling my desire to lose weight. I realized that Makpal has a gift: with her presence, she connects you to the Divine Source, and your secret reserve, which triggers the necessary processes in your body, is activated

So I can say briefly, but wholeheartedly, Makpal, thank you for being with us and that our paths have crossed.