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Interview with Dariya Nogaeva

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A ballet dancer and a model in the past, a certified health specialist, an internationally recognized expert in proper nutrition, detox and rejuvenation, Makpal told L’Officiel Kazakhstan about her childhood and parents, children and motherhood, beauty and happiness.

Makpal, could you please tell me what kind of child you were?


I was a kind but strong-willed child. Like all children I was always dreaming and fantasizing! From the age of six, I took part in performances on different Almaty stages. I was very fond of mathematics, dancing and music. I was goal-oriented and never backstabbed. Sometime I made my parents happy, and sometimes they were upset. There were days when I was punished for something, put in a corner, but I never apologized if I thought I was right.


How were you brought up? Do you follow the same upbringing principles as those of your parents?


My parents brought me up using their example: my mother was strict, she taught me Kazakh traditions, spoke to me only in Kazakh, cooked well, and was always beautiful and well-groomed. She could sew an incredibly fashionable outfit for herself and me in a few days. Every morning she braided my hair beautifully with big white bows. I unconsciously learned femininity and respect for national traditions from her.


My father gave me enormous love and spoiled me with his attention. He was a scientist. He was very proud of me and often took me to his office. We talked about space, stars and music, sometimes did experiments in labs. My father could answer any of my questions. He was able to calm me down and provide an explanation! He was the center of my childhood universe! Without Daddy’s kiss, I never went to school. He met me at the bus stop late in the evening. Sometimes he had to wait hours for me in the cold. We crawled back at home at 9-10 p.m., talking about everything that happened during the day and discussing my plans. The only time for homework was night, so in the morning my father woke me up several times. When he saw that I was too tired to get up, he silently sat next to me and massaged my feet. He came to all my concerts and was very proud of my small achievements. His participation always made me better. I’m grateful to him for joint trips to museums, for spending the last money on artists’ paintings, for the love of classical music and mathematics. And for the day he introduced me to dance!


Do you try to be a friend to your children, or do you prefer not to cross this boundary?

I try to be a close friend to my children. It’s very important for me to take care of them, to love them, to share their feelings, to communicate and to be a good example for them. I’m very worried when they have important exams or school interviews. I always try to be open, to listen, to understand and to give advice. I treat children as individuals, and I love to give them books.


Did the birth of children change you?

I thank God every day for having them! Life with children is more interesting, rich and deep. I didn’t work for about seven years because I devoted all my time to their upbringing. It seemed to me that it was the best show of love. My children started to grow up, and I began to realize that it was important for them to see their mother successful and happy with her potential fulfilled. Next to my children, I’m constantly growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally.


It’s hard to imagine that you’re the mother of three children. What’s the price of such looks? Have genes played their role?

Any well-groomed appearance means reasonable love for yourself and respect for your own body. There are primary genes, such as eye color, height, finger length, skin color. We can’t influence these genes, no matter how much we want to. There are also secondary genes: hereditary diseases, abilities, talents and, finally, the gene of longevity. We can influence them through our way of life, thoughts and nutrition. It all depends on our actions. So there is only one price – our everyday conscious choice.


Do all your family members prefer healthy eating? Was it difficult for the children and your husband to get used to this way of life?

My whole family adheres to smart nutrition, except my son, who lives separately. When I began to change the kitchen habits that had been formed over many years, I decided to do it discreetly and painlessly for my family. I realized how important it was to show your own example and the expected positive result. Most importantly, I treated the changes as a process. I said to myself: “Even if it takes several years, I will constantly work on this”. I armed myself with patience, and every day made a contribution to my family’s health Wholesome food gradually appeared in the kitchen and boosted energy, and my family began to notice the effect on their own well-being. A year later, my husband said: “You look great. I want to look like you!.” My daughters became interested in my workshops, and over time only healthy food remained in the kitchen. I’m convinced that the best education in nutrition for children is the example of their parents.


What do you think about age and plastic surgery?

Time is an irretrievable resource. We can put it into projects and our goals. But no achievement in life can be converted back into time. This is a fact I also accept, like age. I’m not obsessed with eternal youth, but by virtue of my profession, I manage to effectively use scientific knowledge for rejuvenation. If plastic surgery gives a woman more confidence and happiness in life, I’m for it. But, it seems to me, every single case is special. There are cases when plastic surgery is absolutely necessary for medical reasons.


What is true beauty to you?

This is neither a person’s outward appearance, nor the material component, nor the physical shell. True beauty is the wise soul of a person, the way of thinking, the manner of speaking, looking and manifesting feelings. True beauty is interesting, deep and gives the eyes that special gleam.


Do you like to see men looking at you?

Any attention is always pleasant. To smile at a passer-by or to look in their eyes, to say a kind word, to admire, to be considerate and kind, I think this is the norm for any person. These signs of attention, from both men and women, aren’t binding, but they create a special state. The main thing is to do everything sincerely. We have only five senses. When we use them 100%, we live, we are here and now. If I have pleasant feelings or I like the way a person looks, I express my admiration. It’s more interesting to live this way. It’s so nice to admire people!


A feeling of happiness is given not only by children, but also by love of a man. How do keep from losing this love over the years?

In love, both partners grow and develop, fulfill their potential. If one of the partners does not grow spiritually and professionally, love goes away. First of all, a woman must learn to live with interest, joy, gratitude and love! Then she can create intimacy and friendship that never leaves marriage. You also need to read books, do spiritual practices, not be lazy and devote time to self-perfection and fulfill your creative potential. You can do whatever you want, even paint Russian nesting dolls, but you must do it with pleasure to the joy of yourself and others.


What is a woman’s main mission?

A woman’s main mission is to be happy and seek the source of joy in herself, in her inner world. Mother Theresa once shared very simple and unique wisdom: “You will not find in the world around yourself anything that is not a part of your soul. The more love, wisdom, beauty, kindness you discover in yourself, the more you notice them in others.”



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