We all know that in order to feel healthy, cheerful, beautiful and radiant, you need to eat well, to get enough sleep and to rest at the right time, but many people know how difficult it is to combine all these in a person’s schedule today. Before attending the training, I had some skills and intuitive feelings about what it’s like to be healthy. However, I lacked basic knowledge of how our body works and how I can contribute to my health.

And it all started with friendly communication and shared hobbies. Later on, looking at Makpal, her easy attitude to things, careful attitude to her health and to the health of her family, I began to be interested in these things myself, and our meetings turned into interviews with Makpal. It became clear to me that my meeting with Makpal was not accidental, because I found a Like-Minded Person. It was an event that was supposed to change something.

I attended the training in Astana, and I can say I was impressed. The well-structured program of the training, friendly atmosphere, exciting material and interesting facts left a pleasant impression that healthy food and good female health are the keys to a happy long, easy life.

Now, some time later, my new habits are firmly rooted. They don’t feel burdensome, excessive or unnecessary. They bring true pleasure. In a very unobtrusive and easy manner, Makpal managed to make a huge adjustment to my diet and my habits. It’s interesting to watch how your body changes every day, your skin and eyes shine, your hair starts to glitter. People around me noticed that even my laughter became more ringing!

Now my next task is to pass on my habits to my family and friends. They say that if you want to raise someone, educate yourself.

On New Year’s Eve 2015, I want to thank Makpal for being not just a coach for me, but a close person who always cares about you and remembers you, your tasks, and watches your progress with care. From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish this wonderful woman good luck and tremendous success on this noble path! Happy New Year!

But after all, it began with the phrase: “Mariyam, if you really want it, the whole Universe will contribute to it.”