Moscow, 39 years old

The 29/07/17 workshop in Moscow was super!!! I learned such a LOT of useful things!!! Makpal shared high-quality information on how to eat properly, where everything comes from (the most detailed educational program).

Then I thought “There’s a chance, I’ll survive!”

Now I have a clear plan of action to live a healthy and high-quality life! And to look great!

Makpal absolutely conquered me … such a beauty — a stunner! That’s why inspiration comes: you see a possible result and you have a guide: IT REALLY WORKS! Makpal charges you with her magical energy!

In only a short time, I feel 10 years younger

Along with the workshop, Makpal generously gave us information, answering endless questions from the group and spending her time this way. Awesome patience!

Makpal, thank you, I wish you happiness! And all the best to your family!