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October 2015


For me, smart nutrition is the easiest way to a happy and healthy life. Most people associate it with diets, restrictions or starvation, although in reality this is a long-obsolete mantra!

I came to health coaching consciously. As ballerina in the past, when I was a child, I realized the enormous impact of nutrition on my level of physical endurance. Ten years of working in the restaurant business and training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York became a solid foundation for a new profession. I believe that today, scientifically based knowledge can show the fastest and most effective way to youth, a beautiful body and a healthy spirit. I advise not only women, men and children, but also the strongest athletes, like Olympic and world champions. In order to cope with this challenging task, I constantly supplement my knowledge with the latest scientific discoveries by participating in international conferences where the world’s leading experts gather. This year, for example, I graduated from the culinary school of the brilliant raw food chef Matthew Kenney in Los Angeles and defended the best project in the exam. Every year I also hold workshops for women, but most of all I remember a lecture on “The Influence of Nutrition on School Performance” that I gave at the AIS International School for 140 schoolchildren. Enthusiastic applause from teenagers is probably the greatest reward for me.