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May 2015


A unique and mysterious substance that can be hot and cold, hard and soft, air and steam, go deep into the soil, soar into the skies and return to the earth as snowflakes, whose patterns are unique, like fingerprints.



The American poet, philosopher and psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola Estés once said that pure water is food for creative life. It’s hard to disagree with her. All living creatures on our beautiful planet were born thanks to water. A revel of colors and a rainbow in the sky, blossoming trees in spring and golden leaves in autumn, the softness of snow and our superfood: all healing greens, berries, algae are created by water. Water is the source of all living things and the second most important substance after oxygen. It plays a key role in all bodily functions, from temperature regulation to shock absorption in the joints. A person can live for forty days without food, but only three days without water. The body can tolerate a loss of 50% glucose, fat or protein, but a water shortage of 20% is life-threatening. Even slight dehydration leads to serious problems with joints and the cardiovascular system. What does the body do to save itself? It retains water, and as a result, swelling occurs – an unpleasant thing that doesn’t make the body beautiful.

Most symptoms of many common diseases are an attempt by the body to heal itself. 99% OF THE PEOPLE I WORK WITH ARE CHRONICALLY DEHYDRATED: they either don’t drink enough water, or the mechanisms for delivering its precious molecules to cells are disrupted. To understand the extent of the disaster, it is enough to recall a school biology course: our body consists of 70% water: in muscles – up to 75%; in blood – 82-85%; in the lungs – up to 90%; in the brain – about 76%.

Few people realize we lose a rather large portion of liquid through breathing – it evaporates with each exhalation. To reduce these losses, the body reflexively compresses the bronchioles, stimulating the secretion of histamine. This biogenic substance restricts breathing, making it physically difficult, and, as a result, you are diagnosed with asthma. Instead of prescribing water, which would eliminate the main problem, doctors prescribe antihistamines. These medications have a relaxing effect on bronchi and facilitate breathing, which, of course, causes further dehydration, leading the patient to a critical condition.

For the performance of any function, the body needs to replenish the loss of liquid that flushes waste from everywhere and serves as a conduit for all wholesome substances. In addition, water level is a very accurate indicator of body aging. The body of a baby from birth to the age of one year contains 80-90% of water, but by the age of eighteen the indicator falls to 70-75%, and then drops to 60%. This leads to a simple conclusion: the secret of prolonging youth comes down to the well-known advertising slogan – “Just add water.”

How much to add depends on age, physical activity, climate, diet, gender, health and weight. For an adult male the norm is about 3 liters per day; and for a woman, about 2.2 liters. But we are all different, and it’s important to pay attention to yourself in order to calculate your individual volume experimentally. Knowledge of higher mathematics is not needed for the calculation: it’s enough to know a few key indicators. First, the physiological standard is 1 liter of water for 23 kg of weight. Second, the golden rule of calculation is to sum up the volume in liters of pure water, coconut water and green vegetable juices (based on cucumbers, celery and greens) and to subtract alcohol, sweet fruit juices, carbonated drinks, energy and diabetic drinks that do not contain sugar. Coffee and black tea are of no benefit, but contribute to the removal of valuable liquid from the body. That’s why each cup you drink should be compensated by adding one more glass of water to your daily consumption rate.

Are you actively engaged in sports? Do you give preference to thirst-quenching sports drinks? This is a very bad idea. However, many people believe that they are the best alternative to water for replenishing liquid and electrolytes lost with sweat. In fact, they can replenish reserves of harmful substances: they often contain two to three parts of sugar, soda, flavorings, food coloring, corn syrup and a large amount of processed salt. What promotes the proper exchange of liquids? The correct answer is nothing.

A large amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners in these energy drinks will negatively affect health. It seems that you were playing sports, sweating and drinking what the coach had prescribed, but as a result, the time spent in the gym can definitely be considered irretrievably lost. In response to sugar from the outside, your body reacted with an atomic explosion of energy, triggered by a sharp increase in the insulin level. After exercise, it drops equally sharply, and the pancreas tries to equalize it in a state of panic, and as a result, diabetic shock occurs.

To get expected benefits from sweating in the gym, drink clean water from a glass bottle during your workout. Add a small amount of natural unprocessed salt, for example, Himalayan salt: this salt contains 84 different minerals and microelements that will compensate for losses, even if you work out for three hours every day. As a professional dancer in the past, I’m convinced that this is the most optimal, right and healthy way of replenishing electrolytes.

Another most well-known source is coconut water. I would strongly advise all sports clubs to take a closer look at this great stone fruit and to introduce it to the menu of their health bars. If you happen to be in hot countries on vacation or on business, be sure to use this natural high-speed method to restore the balance of minerals. However, its excessive use, just like excessive use of water, leads to a mineral-salt imbalance, so everything should be done properly.

There is good reason why nearly all religions consider water the sacred foundation of life and use it their most important rituals. In nature, it bypasses all obstacles, seeps deep into the earth and comes out renewed. In the human body, it acts as the main driving force of intercellular exchange and energy regeneration. While many properties of water remain a closed book to mankind, its purifying potential is beyond doubt. Buy a medical steel or glass bottle for water at nektarherb.com and get used to drinking water in small sips throughout the day, in order lay a very important brick in the foundation of your health.