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June 2014

The most valuable condition for a woman is a sense of motherhood!


We take care of our offspring, we’re proud of their success, we rejoice at their achievements. But how do you promote a child’s development in the large stream of information and fierce competition today? Modern children receive a huge load, go to various specialized sports clubs, after school they get extra lessons and their day is scheduled from morning to night. How can a modern caring woman help her child and where does the foundation of health begin, that first of all, is in the mother’s hands? I’ll reveal a few basics that will help you lay the foundation of health for your kids.



In our time, almost 95 percent of children are dehydrated, but water is the foundation of all life on the planet and our health! Our body is 85 percent water, each cell is filled with water: eye sockets, all internal organs, the brain, blood. When a child is dehydrated, nutritious food that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats is not digested properly and does not reach every cell of the child’s body. Information that a child should drink less water than an adult is false. Adjust the water balance, and make sure the child always has access to high-quality water from glassware. Remove all plastic bottles, plates and containers, since all plastic products contain the dangerous toxin Bisphenol A. It gradually but surely destroys the child’s body and leads to many fatal diseases. Buy a bottle made of medical steel. Teach your child to drink in small sips throughout the day, offer water, herbal teas and cucumber-based vegetable juices. This way you lay the first, but very important brick of your child’s health



My answer is that a child’s progress at school depends entirely on the parents! What you feed a child with every day directly affects his/her performance, mood, character and mindset! Each cell of the child’s body needs to be given deep nutrition, namely proper carbohydrates, saturated fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and highly digestible proteins. When you give your child “empty” products, like refined cereals, white hulled rice, bread made the highest wheat grades, bakery products with sugar, pasta made of refined flour containing a large amount of gluten, starch, candy, cookies, chips, cola, pizza, the only product that the body receives is sugar! Why? There are no minerals or vitamins, all nutrients in the grain have been removed and used as cattle feed. But sugar is also energy! Yes, but what kind of energy? What has each cell of the child’s body received? Maybe antioxidants, minerals, nutrients, vitamins or healthy fats? Nothing! All cells of the body received false energy and they don’t have building materials for good health. When the body lacks certain minerals, it stops sending satiety signals to the brain, in the hope that it will receive nutrients in the next extra serving. And where do you think excess food goes? Where? To fats! This is how the process of overeating starts, the child keeps eating, and the body remains hungry! If the diet doesn’t have enough nutrients, for example, magnesium, the body will not calm down until it gets it!



There is another extreme: to regulate high blood sugar after refined carbohydrates and food with a high sugar content, the pancreas produces a huge amount of insulin; and to neutralize acidic blood, the body begins to destroy the child’s bones, extracting necessary alkaline materials. A large amount of insulin lowers blood sugar below normal, and two hours later, the child is sleepy at lessons, he/she lacks concentration, and knowledge is the last thing he/she needs. The child’s body is in a fever.

Replace all refined products with whole grains. The diet should contain products such as green buckwheat, brown rice, millet porridge, amaranthus and quinoa. Add vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, greens, berries, olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, cocoa, fish, poultry, beans, lentils and algae to the menu. Don’t forget about fermented products, like sauerkraut, the cabbage family, vegetable milk, nuts, seeds and saturated fats, so your child will be at the peak of health.



Many parents don’t understand the difference between bad and good fats! A child needs saturated fats like air. They are the basis of the child’s hormonal system. The biggest mistake of modern parents is to put the child on a low-fat diet. If you really want to boost his/her academic achievements, include Omega-3 fats to the diet to alleviate chronic inflammation in the body and to nourish the brain. They are responsible for the child’s fast thinking and memory. They are found in large quantities in unrefined virgin olive oil, fish oil (all kinds of fatty fish), nuts and flax seeds. Exclude animal fats from the child’s diet that raise the level of bad cholesterol and Omega-6-9 – an excess creates an imbalance with Omega-3 fats, causing chronic inflammation of the body and leading to many chronic diseases.



It’s very important for the child to chew food well. During this process, important digestive enzymes are extracted from the saliva to assimilate all the nutrients in the intestine. The best organic food products and balanced nutrition will not help and will have no benefit if the child gulps food.

Undigested microparticles of food are absorbed into the intestines and enter the blood, the body is surprised and perceives the stranger as a virus or a bacterium, attacking them with antibodies in response. This is the process that triggers an allergy.

There is one more reason: 70 percent of human immunity is in the intestinal flora. An imbalance of bad and good bacteria there leads to constipation, swelling, inflammation, poor digestion of food products, and as a consequence, to reduced protection of the body against viruses and influenza. If your child has taken at least three courses of antibiotics in his/her life, it is necessary to consult a nutrition specialist for proper restoration of the intestinal flora. Because a strong colony of intestinal bacteria is the basis of immunity.



Little children who lack a clear concept in life about what is wholesome and what is not, copy their parents whom they trust. You won’t get anywhere if you consume cola and chips, but you demand a conscious attitude to health from your children. You are best example Remove all refined food products, sugar, sweets, sweetened drinks, canned food and sausages from the kitchen and don’t buy them in the future. The food that children eat becomes bricks for their bodies to build bones, muscles, tissues, enzymes, and molecules that launch the necessary chemical processes in the body for new victories in life!