The Older, the Younger: Makpal


November 2014

Next to her, you immediately want to puff up your chest, pull in your stomach, and straighten your shoulders … And you feel very embarrassed about the plate of spaghetti you ate last night. A ballerina and a model in the past, and now a healthy nutrition expert, Makpal talked about how to make friends with your age, sexuality and female hormones.


From the age of 6 to 16, I studied at the Choreography School. We had a very tough discipline. At 8.30 a.m. I was already in the hall, and returned home around 10 p.m. Of course, I was very tired, but it didn’t matter: I had to wash and apply cream on my face. At 10 p.m. I went to bed — I just didn’t have any strength, I had to reboot. At 2 a.m. I got up to do my homework. Now I understand that this was a wise decision. When you sleep from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., every hour of sleep acts as two. Maybe that’s why I survived. Because it was a huge load on a child’s body.


It was daily work, when you know your body from A to Z, you know how each muscle works. All those inhuman efforts were dedicated to one purpose: every movement should be beautiful and light. We were taught to keep our heads up, whatever we did, no matter how hard it was. This has remained with me all my life.



I never had a complex about my appearance. The only thing was that in my teens I was worried because I was so tall and olive-skinned. I wanted to be fair-skinned (laughing). The idea to remake myself has never occurred to me. God gave me gifts, and I’m grateful for that. I didn’t dye my hair in extraordinary colors, didn’t have chemical perms, didn’t wear war paint. I‘ve always worn light makeup. My biggest experiment with my appearance was a blunt bob. Maybe I just didn’t have time for all those teenage crazes because I grew up early.


When my first baby on the way and I was in the 9th month of pregnancy, people came up to me on the street. After the birth of my second child, I also looked good and did nothing for my appearance, because the base I had was enough. That’s why I say that children need to play sports – this is the foundation for maintaining their appearance for a very long time, especially girls. I had problems only after my third birth: I gained weight, which for a long time I couldn’t lose, I had to exercise regularly and adhere to smart nutrition.

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When people ask me my age, the figure 21 automatically occurs to me. I restrain myself and don’t say it, and then I start to count how old I really am (laughing). I probably don’t feel my age of 39, but at the same time I’m friends with my age. This is my path, some trying times in the past, life situations that made me the way I am today.

A woman has no other purpose than to be beautiful, happy and sexy, to give and to receive love. To inspire a man, to be a magnet for others. Next to her, it should be warm, cozy and good. You can consider this your work, because without it relationships between men and women do not survive. A woman’s emotional field should glow and attract. She must smell of love so that a man, coming closer, understands: that next to him there is a being who can feel deeply and accept unconditionally… It’s interesting to me to devote time to relationships, development, a beautiful dialog, self-fulfillment, energy exchange, and not worry only about the perfect manicure. External beauty is like a one-dimensional image. A woman might think about it at 18. True beauty has depth, even multiple depths.


A good appearance is painstaking daily work. But it’s not that difficult. You need to pay attention to what you drink and eat. Drink about 2 liters of water a day. Don’t drink coffee, black and green tea, or any drinks containing sugar or synthetic sweeteners. They retain liquid in the body, resulting in swelling and cellulite. Add green juices based on cucumbers to your daily diet. Cucumber juice is very similar to human blood plasma: it quickly replenishes the lack of liquid and allows the blood to circulate fully Coffee and black tea can be replaced with other drinks. For example, organic raw cocoa or rooibos, they also restore, but don’t retain liquid in the body. You need to cleanse your body of toxins and bad thoughts, play sports and practice meditation. What could be easier? But many people can’t live this way. They forget, find excuses. Beauty requires small contributions every days It’s impossible to preserve it at 40 or 60 years only through luck or genes. 

The most important thing for a woman is to maintain her insulin. Beauty is preserved when insulin is steady. This hormone should always be within a certain corridor. Insulin directly controls all our hormones, and while they are in balance, we are young and shine! The level of the DHEA happiness hormone also depends on insulin. In other words, the more sugar we eat, the faster we age. There are women who have smoked all their lives, but have a sober mind up to 100 years old. This means that their insulin level was normal.

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It doesn’t matter what diet you’re on and what you eat, if your intestinal microflora are disrupted and the body doesn’t digest food. If there is an imbalance in the intestines, it means the same in the head. The intestinal tract is considered the second heart and even the second brain. 70% cells of the immune system are located in the intestine. 80% of the serotonin responsible for a good mood is also produced in healthy intestines. The brain and the intestines are made of the same type of tissue. Even at the embryo development stage, one part of this tissue turns into the central nervous system, and the other into the enteric nervous system. They are connected by the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve that connects your brain and stomach. Can you imagine that? Your brain and intestines work in tandem, they influence each other. Why are many people constantly depressed, and their glass is always half empty? Because of intestinal imbalance.

We live in a time when there is no understanding that nutrition is equal to health. We eat for fun, or because we have to. In general, everything comes from childhood. What do we put on the table on children’s holidays? You can be sure to see a cake, a pizza, spaghetti and sweet juices. Can you imagine what a load this is on children’s bodies? Within a couple of hours after such a meal, the children feel as if they have been unloading cars. What kind of processes occur in the body at this time! The sugar level has risen, in response to this insulin goes up, blood begins to thicken and become acidic, the body draws calcium from the bones to alkalize blood. And how should the child feel? Terrible, of course. Children turn naughty, not because they’re bad, but because sugar and insulin go up and down like a roller coaster. Only we can preserve the health of our children.


I’m amazed at guests who come and ask: “Do you have cola?” (laughing). In my house you won’t find sugar, sweet juices, refined or purified food like white rice – everything that I call dead food. The kitchen is a source of beauty for me. I try to bring home only wholesome food. I always have fruits, vegetables, almond milk, nuts, dried berries, grains, seeds, and healthy proteins, like lentils, quinoa, fish. I like herbs, berries and raw organic chocolate.

My husband once said: “I want to look as young as you do.” In the last two years he’s made a huge step forward. He changed his way of life and eating habits, began to consciously play sports. A man should never be forced, put up against the wall and ordered to eat in a certain way. He should go through his feelings, and this process is different for everyone. Understand: a man can’t eat like a woman. If he wants red meat, let him have it, even every day. The only important thing is in what combination. There should be 30% meat on his plate, and the rest should be vegetables.


It’s easier for men, because they don’t have a monthly hormonal change in the body like women. The male body is restored and purified sooner, processes of rejuvenation and healing occur faster for them than for women. The male body can be completely purified within a year, and sperm will no longer contain information about his past life. On the contrary, everything is imprinted on an egg. A woman smoked for three days, and the egg remembered it. So a woman needs to take care of herself right from youth. We can’t just lead a healthy lifestyle for a year, and return to zero

The outer shell is important, but don’t indulge in illusions that it will be always this way. Beautiful and slow aging is a state of mind and the body. Aging can be qualitatively different in a healthier and more energetic way. It’s probably more correct not to think about how many wrinkles you will have at the age of 60 or 100, but about how you will feel and what mood you will be in What you will be involved in, what wisdom you can pass on to your children or grandchildren. Try not to be a burden to your children, but an inspiration and an example.


True beauty at any age means a respectful attitude towards your body and a sense of happiness from the fact that your body works like a Swiss watch. The important things are the ability to sleep soundly at night, to eat with a good appetite, to have a good memory and the ability to achieve what’d important for you. It’s a walk in a forest with your family, the ability to be joyful, not to fear the future and to resist stress. It’s exuberance, inexhaustible optimism and a taste for life.


Photo: by Mariya Ulyanova


Thanks to Roma Caffe and Dostyk Plaza Shopping Mall for their help with the photo shoot