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March 2013

Who’s In?

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The President of the Sports Dance Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Makpal Ilyas talks about her family, career, goals and healthy food.

In my understanding, family is the meaning and motivation of my life. I live with very vivid and deep personalities. As for raising my children, I try to be present in their lives. Presence and active participation are integral parts of the process we’re involved in as our children grow up

I allowed myself to go back to work when our youngest daughter was five years old. Any woman should succeed in society by developing and serving as an example for her children. My daughters and my husband are my closest friends, first of all. Having such a team, it’s easy to go through life.

I’ve headed the Sports Dance Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for about a year. The development of sports and dance is of great interest to me. We achieved a lot during the year — for the first time in the history of ballroom dance in Kazakhstan, our couple became the vice champion at the World Championships. For more detailed preparation of the book, we visited Los Angeles in February and met with trend-setting stars in women’s health and longevity.

The phrase “Look into the world as into your reflection” is one of principles of my life.

What else we know about Makpal:

  1. Confession

I was 15. During a tour in Liechtenstein, the princess invited our company from the A. Seleznev Almaty Choreographic School to her palace. That was a sensation for the whole of Liechtenstein. It’s still a touching memory for me.

  1. Gift

The book “I, Maya Plisetskaya” presented to me by my husband is very precious to me.