ALMATY January 24, 2015 from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm

Workshop by Makpal Karibzhanova


Did you know your body is meant to be healthy and toned? How can you look 5, 10 or 20 years younger? What interferes with weight loss, staying healthy and combating aging?



On January 24, Makpal, an expert in the revolutionary new method of natural health improvement, the founder of the Center for Rejuvenation and Detox, and the author of articles on proper nutrition and body cleansing, will share her knowledge with women.


The workshop lecture includes:

  • Winter cleanse and weight loss course. Individual and personal detox;
  • Life without toxins, how to avoid them in everyday life;
  • Disease prevention — we maintain the body in mental and physical health;
  • How to restore the balance of female hormones. We solve problems without resorting to hormone replacement drugs;
  • Healthy nutrition. Recipes for wholesome dishes and drinks;
  • Vitamins, supplements and cosmetics that will help you on your way to perfection;
  • Beautiful is healthy. Simple rules for a healthy lifestyle;
  • You will understand once and for all how your body works and what a Woman really needs to finally Lose Weight, Shine and Look Younger!
  • Autoimmune goiter: prevention;
  • 3 causes of almost all diseases and how easy it is to control them;
  • Why drug treatment of hormonal disorders and birth control pills have long become a thing of the past, and what you need to know about pseudo-estrogens;
  • How to conduct hormone replacement therapy properly and 100% naturally at any age and solve almost 95% of all hormonal problems. Methods of natural birth control;
  • 5 steps you can take today to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer;
  • What Detox is and a step-by-step Detox plan for home use;
  • The revolutionary new ECO-health concept includes SUPER food, SUPER vitamins, SUPER minerals and SUPER cosmetics, regulation of your own genes and weight (regardless of genetic disposition);
  • How to easily and competently reduce chronic inflammation of the body;
  • 3 steps to manage insomnia naturally;
  • The Mineral of Youth and Beauty is a sensational rejuvenation method;
  • How to take care of the female garden naturally;
  • The fastest natural aid in case of ARVI.


Gifts for workshop participants:

  • A five-day program for cleansing and rejuvenation at home;
  • A recipe for wholesome ice cream and the most magical homemade chocolate without sugar that both children and adults will be love!!! (video).




Goal of the workshop: To enable women not only to improve their wellness, but also to change their quality of life. To help those who are confused by numerous nutrition systems and diets, and want better understanding of their own body, because nine-tenths of a beautiful and happy life depend on health.



10:30 am to 1:00 pm lecture

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm lunch break

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm lecture

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm tea and tarts (recipe from the book) + questions

Cost: $500


69 Al-Farabi Avenue, 14th floor.

A seat in the workshop is reserved with 100% payment.

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MYTH: most diseases are caused by bad genes and bad luck.

TRUTH: 85% of diseases are the result of lifestyle.


Why is it always so difficult to stay healthy, toned and happy? Why is it the more you try to discover the truth, the more confused you are? Why do you do everything possible to stay healthy and toned, but you still understand that old age and diseases are just around the corner?

Diets, vegetarianism, weight loss pills, raw foodism, spa wraps, anti-cellulite creams and massages, wrinkle serums, sweating in the gym, endless trainings and workshops, juice therapy, Ayurveda, kefir-and-buckwheat days, skin youth pills, injections of growth hormone, telomeres, oxygen therapy, rejuvenating creams, starvation, beauty injections, and again diets … This is running in a circle and, frankly speaking, without any significant result.


After studying more than a hundred of the latest approaches to nutrition science and healthy nutrition, regularly attending international conferences on rejuvenation and health improvement, I found a simple and obvious answer in my unique DETOX AND REJUVENATION PROGRAM.

Women all over the world often tell me how difficult it is to lose weight, to stay toned at any age and to take control of their health. How often I hear that preserving beauty and youth requires a lot of time and money. Most women are convinced that they have no influence on the speed of their aging, and age-related diseases are just around the corner. All this is absolutely untrue! This is a long-obsolete mantra that has nothing in common with present-day realities. After many years of studying and analyzing cases of unexpected and magical recovery, a sudden cure for incurable diseases and meetings with people who look incredibly young and completely beyond one’s years, a simple and only conclusion occurred to me. Staying toned, healthy and flying through one’s life at any age are VERY simple and easy. Like all real things in life. And there are no secrets in life, weight loss, nutrition or love. And there is no truth in any specific diet, vitamin or jar of cream. The world keeps bringing the truth to us. But someone hears, and someone doesn’t. To achieve this, you don’t have to become a vegetarian or a raw foodie, to stick to a diet, to restrict oneself in everything, to meditate all day long or to go out into the mountains to purify body and soul and lose weight endlessly. Soul balance, peace, love and happiness can be yours today, even now. By returning to common sense and roots. This is what almost all known experts in health improvement and rejuvenation say. This is the basis of my rejuvenation and detox program.








The most surprising thing about all this is not even the fact that all these processes are delicately controlled by the wisdom of your body. Not even the fact that your body is capable of repairing damaged cells and tissues to get rid of a disease. The most surprising thing is that all of this happens without any conscious intervention on your part. Weight loss and renewal of beauty happen automatically. Because our body is amazing! Each organ and every cell has extraordinary abilities for self-recovery, self-healing and self-renewal every minute, every day, throughout our life … Rejuvenation, longevity, unfading beauty are no longer a secret behind seven locks. Once you start eating food that brings your youth back, purifies your body and soul, and you find your way to stress control, the long-awaited miracle will be there.

After all, it’s not enough for us just to live long. We want quality living every single day: without diseases, stress, a bad mood, allergies, headaches. The duration of health is how long we remain healthy and young, flowering, fluttering, flying, menstruating normally, able to conceive and give birth to a child when we really want it, and not when we have to … to be happy every day, to be a Woman and wear beautiful dresses in the size you want, not of the size that fits you…








I have chosen this path and share it with women around the world. Because aging is NOT MERELY a natural process of our body, but also a process of loss of health accelerated by us. Age-related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, arthritis, early menopause are all the result of inconsistency of the harmony inherent in nature and the body balance with the real life of a person. Finally, aging is the result of a lack of information and knowledge that I share during my workshops and private consultations.

Nothing can stop aging, every day we grow older by one day. But, of course, we can influence its speed and beauty, following the Beauty from Within principle, that is, what we feed our cells with. Beauty is really not around the corner, it’s on your plate.




Three Cornerstones to Any Rejuvenation and Longevity Program

  1. NUTRITION includes proper and smart feeding of every cell of the body!
  2. DETOX means cleansing the body of heavy metals and waste that a person accumulates throughout life;
  3. MEDITATION! This is the obligatory basis of any female beauty program. Every morning … Every day … You will feel reborn – flowering, fluttering and beautiful. Look for yoga and meditation practices that you like and that help you! How do you do it? Feel and listen to yourself, to your body!



Everything is POSSIBLE … Maybe even more! What do you need for that? Feed yourself properly, detox … and that’s all.

Let’s repeat the well-known truth that “a woman is as beautiful as she feels beautiful.”

As much as YOU love yourself and give your body all useful nutrients – this will be your recipe for beauty! Irreplaceable ingredients of Eternal and Infinite Women’s Beauty!

At 30 you think that life is over, and at 40 you come to awareness and wisdom, and you understand that everything is just beginning. And it doesn’t matter where you are now, what your age, weight, health, personal life and work are. What’s important is which path you choose. The path that I offer you is the only true one. Because it’s not mine or yours, it’s dictated by the laws of nature.

Because it brings you back to sources, to yourself, to roots and the solution of all your “problems” that simply do not exist! Because once you start feeding and watering your body, every cell of it with what it needs, as soon as you release it from an unnecessary “load” of toxins, miracles happen!




Here are some of them:

  • You open your mouth, you start eating, you enjoy food and you … lose weight! It’s that simple, without any diets, restrictions, willpower and strict discipline;
  • Your emotions, moods and even beliefs change: an inexplicable feeling of joy and peace is born within you. Old ingrained habits in relationships, and views on life that have cluttered your own life fade;
  • The desire to eat sweets, starchy or fatty food, to smoke a cigarette and to drink coffee/tea disappears as soon as the body receives everything it needs and recovers its balance;
  • You become purer, lighter and more positive;
  • You wake up easily and flutter through life all day without feeling tired and irritated;
  • Your skin is cleansed, tissue tone improves: cellulite, constipation, allergies, headaches, etc. disappear. All of this happens without medicines, expensive massages, procedures and creams;
  • You simply become younger – both externally and internally.


This is all because you’ve started to change your BIOCHEMISTRY – that’s the secret.

Whoever has INFORMATION will live longer and happier.

Get cutting-edge information and open the way to the world of beauty at my workshop on January 24 in Almaty.


Photos from the previous workshop, November 2014