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November 2014


By tradition, the Women’s Wellness Conference that recently took place in Los Angeles introduced its best speakers. This time the event was held with the participation of such world-renowned rejuvenation and health improvement stars as David Wolfe, an expert in eco-health and raw foodism, Donna Gates, the author of the popular Body Ecology Diet, Sarah Gottfried, a well-known Harvard professor who studies issues of recovery of the female hormonal balance without the use of medications.

Every year, stars of modern nutrition science, bestselling authors, famous scientists and world experts in the field of women’s health and hormonal balance gather in one place. The uniqueness of information received and the huge amount of research that speakers talked about give answers to the simplest questions: how to preserve health, longevity and beauty, how to live a quality life every day without diseases, stress, bad moods, allergies and headaches.

I get great pleasure when I meet with my star colleagues. It’s always an unforgettable experience of delight, professional respect and joy of communication! I have always been inspired by the special aura at the conference, but this time the journey was amazing. Arriving 12 hours before the start of the conference, I thought of only one thing: how to survive the demanding schedule. Lectures began early in the morning and sometimes lasted until late at night, and this was with a 13-hour time difference – in Almaty it was daytime, there it was night!

The first day of the conference started on a humorous note: I was given my ID pass with the number 777, the favorite number for our multinational people and the 7th number according to Feng Shui. Each year the conference is formally opened. It was a pleasant surprise when the host introduced me and asked me to stand up so that the hall welcomed Kazakhstan in my name! It was very touching and hospitable from my teacher and the organizer of the Women’s Wellness Conference, David Wolfe. Despite his strict schedule, David found time for professional conversations, where we talked about many things, but always agreed on the same thing: whoever possesses the information will live longer and happier, no matter what age, weight, health, personal life and work the person has. It’s important which way you choose. The way that all famous rejuvenation experts offer is the only true one. Because it is not ours or yours, it is dictated by the laws of nature. Because as soon as you start feeding and watering every cell of your body with what it needs, you start releasing it from an unnecessary “load” of toxins, and miracles happen! It brings you back to sources, to yourself, to roots and the solution of all your problems. You start to change your biochemistry, which is the secret of health, longevity and beauty (you can read a special interview with David Wolfe in the next issue of Season magazine).

Conference speakers presented the most advanced information in the field of recovery and longevity. I was especially impressed by the speech of the famous aromatherapist and founder of a unique cosmetics line Nadine Artemis.


Makpal: During your presentation, you talked about the source of female power, that the womb is the place of our strength and beauty. Why is it important to heal our relationship with the womb –the female garden?

Nadine: The womb is a special place, regardless of whether or not we give birth to children. It’s not just reproductive plumbing. It’s the place where form and formlessness are united, creating a soul and a child. It’s very important to know and to understand the ecology of Yoni, the microbiome of this place. The authors of ancient Tantric and Taoist texts wrote that Yoni is a special divine place in a woman. They also believed that it was connected with the mind of a woman and her wisdom, it was a sacred temple and a divine passage. Female Yoni was described and revered in poetic details. And now this area is subjected to cultural and social disgrace. Many products are manufactured that are absolutely harmful to Yoni and have nothing to do with proper hygiene. They disrupt the microbiome – healthy bacteria needed to maintain the correct acid-base balance. So it’s very important that women take care of their Yoni.


Makpal: During the presentation, you managed to unite all the women in the conference room, you inspired them to look at themselves in a different way. What is complete self-care and true female health?

Nadine: The most important thing is to have a very good relationship with yourself. Let any fears and doubts fall out of your life. You must allow the power of nature to be your guide to beauty. I always believe that there is a self-organizing system in the body that will take care of some problem in any case. Even oral health care should be designed at a level that, let’s say, we don’t have to brush our teeth daily. Because there should be something in the body that correctly activates this system if needed. The same thing concerns the female garden: what will allow this system to be healthy and regenerative if we don’t interfere? So when we allow nature to activate our cells, to restore and to rejuvenate, this process becomes much more relaxing.


Makpal: Nadine, I know that you don’t use any synthetic perfumes, why?

Nadine: The best thing that can be said about using natural perfumes is that they don’t hide natural pheromones. In the process of mixing plant and female pheromones, it becomes possible to transmit messages about your body and you will be able to attract the right partner.


Makpal: What five essential aphrodisiac oils can you recommend for women?

Nadine: The first is vanilla. Then, ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose oil, which is extracted by a very special distillation process, jasmine and sandalwood oil.


Makpal: Tell us about natural contraception methods. You talked about the harm of hormonal contraceptives… Could you share the secret?

Nadine: That’s a good question. You need to consider factors such as the relationship you’re in, because it’s important to think about safety; for example, there are certain condoms that are “cleaner” than others. Every woman should understand her rhythm, what happens to her during the month, the duration of the cycle and so on. Today, there are various apps where you can track your cycle and time of ovulation. The culture of contraceptive pills has led to the fact that so many women don’t know what ovulation is, or that they ovulate just two days a month and it’s on these days that you can get pregnant, not every day. It’s also important to provide some coverage around these two days, as spermatozoa can wait and rise at the time the egg is ready. So there’s a method of rhythms, measurement and calculation of the cycle. Of course, for many women, this can be quite risky because of the irregularity of cycles. So it’s important to do everything with the help of their own health and herbal remedies to eventually restore the hormonal balance. I advise all women to try and reach a 28-day regular cycle. If you have any pain or heavy bleeding, you need to understand why this happening. All of these are a signal of imbalance. There should be no headaches or PMS, and if these symptoms are present, it’s a signal that you need to pay attention to hormonal balance. There is another method of contraception. I haven’t try it myself, but I’ve read all the research on that topic. In India, in Ayurvedic medicine, men took a herb called Nima. Nima itself is very wholesome, it’s well absorbed and generally useful for health. When a man took the herb, the woman didn’t become pregnant. As soon as the man stops taking Nima, the woman can easily become pregnant. It doesn’t harm the body; this aid has existed and been used for centuries.



Nadine Artemis is a talented aromatherapist and visionary, who collects and works with the purest ingredients contained in plant juices. Nadine seeks to inspire people to rethink the traditional concept of beauty with the help of her Treacherous Beauty paradigm. Alanis Morissette describes Nadine as a “true sense-visionary.” Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, called her “the purest flower of creativity”. Through Living Libations, a company founded together with her partner Ron Obadia, Nadine offers cosmetics that reveal the full force of botanicals without relying on synthetics.